About The Bon Vivant Club


Welcome to the Bon Vivant Club! This is a space to explore Food travel destinations, Recipes, Gastronomy History, Culture, Food Science.

Everyone loves food, let’s be honest! But it might be a difficult topic for some, because of health issues, because of lack of time, some might think they don’t have cooking skills. But food is such a big part of our culture, human history and, of course, our everyday lives. We are very much in love with Gastronomy and everything there is revolving around it. And we want you to fall in love with it too! So welcome to The Bon Vivant Club!

You are what you eat, as they say, so what do you choose?

This is not going to be a blog where we discuss the newest diet fads, that are terrible for your health in the long run, detox days or weeks, weird “diet” recipes.


Our intention is to share gastronomic tourism experiences, local and traditional foods, enjoying and having fun while cooking, socialising, learning new things, going through our grandparents’ recipes, looking through old and new gastronomy themed books and just have fun!

Who are the Gastronomic Connoisseurs?

Anete Dinne
Anete Dinne

After graduating The University of Gastronomic Sciences, Anete went on to become a coffee expert. She worked in the R&D lab for 3 years in one of the biggest and most known roasters in the world. Currently she is working in Barcelona as a Green Coffee buyer for a specialty coffee roaster, but she keeps collaborating with various people on nutrition and healthy lifestyle, and Gastronomy content creation.

Manuel Ibarzabal Mele
Manuel Ibarzabal Mele

With the WSET Level 3 certificate, Manuel has been working in wine for over 7 years in London and now in Barcelona for a very well known wine and spirits distributor. He has great experience in wine tasting, pairing and building wine lists for restaurants. And he is on his way to make his first wine too!

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