Fideuà, the perfect pasta and seafood dish.

Fideuà, the perfect pasta and seafood dish.

Do you like pasta? Do you like seafood? Fideuà, the perfect pasta and seafood dish! I am a big fan of paella with rice, but I think I am even a bigger fan of this thin pasta dish. It might look a bit difficult to make, but it actually is quite easy and you can

The best Lamb you will ever cook

The best lamb you will cook

You have to try this fantastic lamb recipe. It will be the best lamb you will cook. Because it’s easy, it’s fresh, tasty and also quite versatile! It’s not much fuss as it doesn’t require long preparations, but it will need quite a lot of time in the oven. The ideal thing is to prepare

Baozi or the amazing Pixar cartoon buns

Baozi or the amazing Pixar cartoon buns

Have you ever tried the baozi? Or maybe you have seen the amazing Pixar cartoon with the cutest alive bao bun? I know I’m kind of an adult, but me and Manuel both love cartoons even now, and this is surely one of the sweetest! And tastiest! 🙂 Here are these beautiful baozi or the

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Curious about the making of white wine?

How is white wine made? White wine making is quite a simple in concept. So how is white wine made? A winemaker receives the freshly harvested grapes, presses the juice, ferments it using yeasts, lets it mature and then bottles the wine. What do we expect or look for in the grape before harvesting? Freshness

Wholegrain wheat flatbread

When you’re our of bread, make Wholegrain wheat flour flatbread!

Do you often find yourself without bread at home and need to whip up something very quickly? This wholegrain wheat flour flatbread will be the perfect recipe for you! We use these flatbreads for different dishes, like for wheat tacos filled with mushrooms or chicken, or for some Greek recipes, like gyros. You can use

Chicken tacos

Want an amazing recipe for a date night? Try these chicken tacos from scratch, make your own wheat tacos too! This is so tasty, that every time we make it, we can’t stop eating it until we are exploding. The spice mix gives it the Mexica flavour and the toppings can be anything that comes

Empanadas con pollo

Empanadas con pollo

Oh my, oh my, the empanadas con pollo is such a great Argentine recipe! We love to make them on the weekend when we have some more time on our hands, but we suggest making more and freeze them for some busy weekday nights. So you can keep them in the freezer for about 3

Feta cheese roasted with chickpeas, sundried tomato and garlic

Roasted chickpeas and feta

Are you always busy with zero time to cook? Is it maybe a lazy Sunday when you don’t want to spend too much time cooking? Roasted chickpeas and feta will save your day! Welcome to one of our 10 minute recipes, easy, fast, tasty and healthy! a true Mediterranean style dish. Just make sure you


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