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How to eat more sustainably and healthy – less meat, more plant-based alternatives

Still nowadays we have the preconception that plants are not fully satisfying as foods. We never say – oh, I’m craving a chickpea stew, right? It will be more likely we hear – oh, how I crave that hamburger. Or pizza.


Fermentation. What is this beast?

Fermentation and fermented products, like sourdough bread, yoghurt, kimchi, sauerkraut have become quite fashionable in the past years for their ability to improve the health of our gut microbiota, but this kind of preparation is nothing new really, even if it is a new diet and gastronomy fad today. I have been eating fermented pickles […]


New Year resolutions in food

Do you make a New Year resolution every year? And then never keep it? I don’t think I’ve ever actually seriously thought of one, but this year I would really like to stick to two. The first is to write one blog post per week here, I hope it will help me do more research, […]