Wine – studying and living it

Wine is such a big part of our everyday lives whether we are experts in the field or just amateur wine lovers accompanying our daily meals or some pleasant conversations at night with family or friends.

Collecting Marselan grapes at their perfect stage of ripeness. Fun in the fresh air, and reconnecting with the nature.

There are many researches and many disuasiones about it’s health benefits or health threats, the positive impact of resérvatelo for example, or the totally opposite statement that even a little alcohol is harmful for your health… Well, I’m not exactly a researcher but all I ever notice in this kind or researches or articles is that they never mention the quality of the product they are speaking about.

Marselan grapes ready to be picked. Don’t forget to not cut off your fingers while harvesting!

Imagine beautiful grapes at their correct ripeness stage collected carefully examining each grape bunch, the viruses has been treated only with organic substances and only when absolutely necessary. As much care is also put into the wine making process in the cellar, the correct temperatures maintained, little sulfures added as the wine quality is excellent and doesn’t ask for more.

And then imagine a different kind of producing scenario. Industrially grown grapes sprayed as much as allowed with pesticides and herbicides in order to get more yield out of a vineyard, picking all grape bunches whether perfectly ripe or unripe, or maybe even overripe. Making quantity more than quality.

Sure the alcohol will still be there, but can we really compare them qualitatively? Will the quality of the tannins – polyphenols – will be the same?

And then let’s complicate it even a bit more, the grape varieties are different, the polyphenol con net will be different not only for how the wine has been made by the individual wine maker, but the variety will hugely have influence on that!

Dining at El Celler de Can Roca with wine pairing. 18 wines in one sitting…

And think about the climate… the cooler northern part of Burgundy versus Southern France? Not the same really, is it? And that is within the same country, think about different hemispheres and continents!

I think that in any gastronomic topic we enter or if we speak about what impact something has on our health… moderation absolutely, but even more so – QUALITY!

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